Price List

Here at All in the Nib, we aim to offer a wide selection of grinds. Below is a list of standard grinds that we offer, but we are happy to work with you to come up with something if you are looking for something more unique.

Grind Cost (solo, on nib unit) Description
Tune and Smooth $30/~ Adjust ink flow, ensure proper tine alignment, and smooth the nib to your specifications.
Width Reduction $40/~ Reduce the width of the nib to as small as an extra fine. Tune and smooth to your specs.
Cursive Italic $45/55 Grind the nib to a cursive italic with sharpness to your specifications. Tune and smooth.
Stub $45/55 Grind the nib into a stub. Tune and smooth to your specifications.
Architect $50/60 Grind the nib into an Architect. Width and sharpness to your specs. Tune and smooth.
Needlepoint $50/60 Grind the nib to an extremely fine point of 0.2mm. Tune and smooth.
Cutlass $55/65 A specialty grind, unique to All in the Nib. Architect-like strokes with varying cross stroke width by writing angle. Requires a broad or larger.
Oblique $45/55 Grind the nib to an oblique with the angle to your specifications. Tune and smooth.
Reversible/Hybrid Grinds $55 and up Grind the normal and reverse orientation to create two different effects, such as a Reversible Architect

Prices last updated January 2022