Hi, my name is Damien, and I'm the founder and nibmeister at All in the Nib.

Shortly after starting on my fountain pen journey, I ordered a cheap pen that wrote quite badly, and I decided to try and see if I could make it write better. Worst case scenario, the pen would be a wash, and best case the pen may end up in my regular rotation. While the pen was fundamentally doomed as far as what I personally enjoy, I was able to make it write so much better that I was hooked on the fountain pen hobby and working with nibs.

Simple tinkering led its way to grinding nibs, starting with Architect grinds. Almost all of my pens recieved some adjustment of some kind and after a short time, the order of a new pen was paired with the grind that I'd be doing once it arrived.

I began doing more grinds for others in my local pen meet up, and I finally decided it was time to put myself out there and offer my services to the community at large.

My hope is that the work I do brings an enjoyable writing experience to those who've chosen to patronize it. There's so much that goes into the enjoyment of a pen, from the aesthetics, the materials, the craftsmanship, to the feel in the hand. Ultimately it all comes together when the nib touches paper, and if that falls short, you no longer have a writing instrument but a feckless ornament. But if that nib is all that you're looking for, then it can bring the enjoyment of that pen to a new level. That's why I believe the key to each pen is all in the nib, and why my goal is to make each nib I work on be an absolute pleasure to put nib to paper.