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How things work

Each pen or nib begins with a conversation because each pen, nib, and person is different. We want to know what you're looking for, what you like, and what you don't like. Reach out to us and let's talk about the ideal writing experience for you and your pen.

Commission a grind on your pen



Stubs produce broader down strokes paired with fine cross strokes. Stubs are very rounded, smooth, and forgiving grind that work for a variety of writing styles.

Preground Stubs

Cursive Italic

Cursive Italics produce broader down strokes with very fine cross strokes. Cursive Italics are crisper and may exhibit a bit of feedback. They are still suitable for everyday use, as compared with their partial namesake, the Italic.

Preground Cursive Italics


Architect produce fine down strokes with broader cross strokes. This is achieved by grinding the tipping to an angled edge that comes in contact with the paper. Because of this Architects are best ground to your specific writing angle. They are more sensitive to rotation and varying writing angles, so they may not be suited for everyone.

Preground Architect


Needlepoints produce extremely fine lines and are meant for very small writing or intricate linework. Needlepoints have reduced inkflow to help control the line width, and sacrifice a bit of smoothness to achieve such fine lines.

Preground Needlepoint


The Cutlass is an in-house developed grind that is Architect-like in that it has fine down strokes and wider cross strokes. The main difference is that the cross strokes will vary in width depending on writing angle from broad at lower angles to very fine at nearly vertical angles. One could view it as a very forgiving Architect, or as a tool to get varying line widths for sketching or calligraphy.

Preground Cutlass


Obliques are deliberately ground at an angle to accommodate for side writers or those who rotate their pens. Aside from the angle, Obliques typically have a Stub-like characteristic to the grind, but can be ground either rounder or crisper like that of a Cursive Italic.

Preground Oblique