There's a whole host of reasons to have your nibs worked on by our expert nibmeister. Maybe your pen isn't writing as well as it should, isn't writing exactly to your preferences, or you'd like the added character of a custom grind. Regardless of the reason starting a conversation can help determine what your pen needs to deliver a pleasurable writing experience each time you put pen to paper.


Writing with fountain pens is a very personal experience, and a number of ways the writing experience may not be exactly what you're looking for. Checking tine alignment, adjusting ink flow, and smoothing to your liking are the key ways we address your concerns about how your pen writes for you.

Let us know what's currently causing you trouble, how you'd like your pen to write, along with details about your writing angle, how you hold the pen, and even the inks and paper you prefer. All of that will allow us to make the appropriate adjustments to get you the experience you're looking for.


We offer a wide range of grinds to offer plenty of options for character and writing experiences. Not every grind is for everyone, so if you have some questions about what grind is best for you, we'd be happy to help guide your decision. If you already have your favorite grind, let us know along with any additional requests, and we'll get started.

Unique Grinds

Just because we offer a wide range of grinds doesn't mean that's all that's available. If you are looking for something unique and distinct, we're all ears. We've worked with customers in the past to create a wide range of grinds that range from reversible grinds, to flex mods, and even bent nib mods. While it's impossible to have one nib do everything, we'll do our best to create something that's truly unique for your needs.

If any of those options sound like what you'd like for your pen, please fill out our Nib Work Request form, and our nibmeister will reach out to you about your request.

Nib Work Request